Article in Ethical Corporation

An article on REDD and corporate responsibility and sustainability applications was recently published in a leading online journal for the topic, Ethical Corporation.  The authors are FCOs Jeff Waldon and Carl Gade.  To view the article click here.


FCO Partners with Code REDD

Code REDD is a consortium of REDD+ developers and corporate partners that have come together to address the need for outreach and education regarding REDD+.  The corporate partners pledge to purchase the high quality VCS and CCBA credits produced by the REDD+ developers.  The REDD+ developers pledge to produce the credits and follow a code of ethics that's goes above and beyond the already rigorous standards published by the Verified Carbon Standard Association and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard Association.


Bull Run Forest Carbon Project Approved by VCS and CCBA

On April 23, 2012 FCO’s second REDD project was awarded certification by the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance Standard, Gold Level.  The Bull Run Forest Carbon Project is an avoided planned deforestation REDD project in Belize Central America.  The project encompasses 666.3 ha of broadleaf forest slated for conversion to coffee.  The project area includes significant populations of globally rare biodiversity.


Carbon Karma: How Companies Use Forests to Offset Pollution

Erica Grieder recently published an excellent status article on forest carbon projects and markets with quotes from our CEO Keister Evans.


Virginia Business Journal

FCO was featured in an article in the Virginia Business Journal.  To view the article see:

 Virginia Business Journal