New Biodiversity Monitoring Recommendations

A new paper recently published in the Tropical Conservation Science Journal proposes best management practices for biodiversity monitoring on REDD projects.  The lead author, FCO Chief Technical Officer Jeff Waldon joined with colleagues Bruce and Carolyn Miller, highly respected researchers based in Belize, to pull together the latest information on biodiversity monitoring in tropical forests, and propose the use of camera trapping and acoustic monitoring as two technological approaches to monitoring biodiversity in these important and challenging habitats. 

The article is entitled "A Model Biodiversity Monitoring Protocol for REDD Projects" and may be accessed online.


FCO Announces First Tropical VCS REDD Project Validation in the Western Hemisphere

The Boden Creek Ecological Preserve Forest Carbon Project received its validation certificate from the Verified Carbon Standard on July 18, 2011.  This is the first tropical REDD project validated by VCS in the western hemisphere, the first planned deforestation project validated in the world, and the first project to successfully use the modular methodology for REDD prepared by Avoided Deforestation Partners.  The project was validated by the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance in July of 2010 and received a gold level rating for biodiversity benefits. 

A complete summary of the project and links to the supporting documents may be found on the projects page.


FCO Signs Major Forest Products Company in Peru

The Bozovich Group is the largest producer of wood product exports in Peru and a major forest concession holder in the Madre De Dios Region of the upper Amazon.  On April 28th, FCO and the Bozovich Group signed an agreement to develop forest carbon offset projects on their 73,000 ha Otorongo concession focusing on sustainable forestry and REDD.  This area of the Amazon is world-renowned for biodiversity, and the strategy of sustainable forestry, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity protection is an innovative way to both protect globally important biodiversity values while producing employment and benefits for local communities.  For more information about the project see the project information note.

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